The disks you’ve received from VerAcademy go a long way in helping your student prepare for the SAT® and ACT®, so much so that we guarantee their results. However, we know that sometimes students need additional help and a more personalized service, which is why we’ve implemented our new VerAcademy Pro, a private one on one tutoring service which is tailored exactly to your specific student.

As a VerAcademy customer, you are qualified to get TWO FREE WEEKS* of one on one SAT®/ACT® prep tutoring. Yes, two free weeks! If you’ve looked into tutoring at all, you will know this is an unheard of deal. Other companies charge up to $3,799 for this same service! On the very low end, one on one service starts at $40-$50 per hour. But, we are so confident in our tutors and services that we will give you two weeks of tutoring at no cost at all. After that, if you think your student could benefit from our help, you can continue with our service at the extremely low monthly rate of $99.99. That’s two scheduled tutoring sessions per week for only $99.99!! You can cancel this service at any time; there is no minimum time requirement.

This service includes all the same things other companies charge for much more:
   - Personalized support tailored to your score goals
   - Flexible scheduling
   - Elite tutors
   - 4+ full length practice tests
   - Money back guarantee

Just recently we were informed that our tutors helped a student who started with an ACT® score of 29 get a three point increase to a score of 32. This student thinks he’ll be getting into Harvard and has already been accepted at several other great colleges. Our tutoring service truly does work.

To start out with tutoring all you have to do is call customer service at 1-800-304-2656. They will email you a full length practice test for the student to complete and give you an exact date as to when your two week trial ends, so everyone is on the same page. We will email you confirmation of this date in writing as well.

*Please note that seniors do not qualify for this free two week trial but we would be happy to assist them on a non-trial basis at the low rate of $99.99 per month. Customer service can provide additional information if needed.

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