ACT®/SAT® Prep



Whats Included

  • Rapid Reader
  • ACT®/SAT® Math
  • ACT®/SAT® Practice Tests
  • Course D, Vocabulary and Core Concepts

System Requirements

System Requirements - PC

 Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
 200 MHz or faster
 512 MB RAM or more
 Software rendering only. 2 MB or more PCI or AGP Graphics card.
 16-bit sound card or better
 4x CD-ROM
 Included on the CD and must be installed before playing.

System Requirements – Macintosh

Operating System:
 10.0 or higher
 512 MB RAM or more
 Sound Manager 3.0 is included on the CD
 Included on the CD and must be installed before playing.

Product Description

Why use VerAcademy to Prepare?

The VerAcademy ACT®/SAT® package includes 4 applications which are designed to work together to improve your score dramatically. These include, the Practice Tests, the Core concepts Course, the Rapid Reader comprehension program, and the math course. These applications cover all the content on both test formats.

VerAcademy offers a 200 SAT® Point and 4 Point ACT® Guarantee! We are so confident of the results of using VerAcademy’s test prep software for just 20 hours that we will refund your money if you do not get at least 200 points higher on the SAT® or 4 points higher on the ACT®! It’s faster and cheaper than classes, and you can use the program on your schedule.

VerAcademy Vocabulary (ACT®/SAT® Series)

After just 20 hours with the VerAcademy program, you will have internalized so much knowledge of the English language that you will be able to identify the meaning of ANY word you come across on your college prep tests and beyond! More importantly, these are not “just words” that you are learning, they are the core concepts that you need to understand the test questions and solve them quickly.

VerAcademy Vocabulary is the multi-sensory approach to learning not only vocabulary but also the word history, etymology, and most common misuses that confuse so many people into using words incorrectly. It incorporates a series of exercises that stress comprehension over memorization.


VerAcademy Vocabulary (ACT®/SAT® Series) consists of Course D. The course contains:

  • Over 5000 unique pronounced words
  • Over 1400 words defined
  • Over 200 core words
  • Pronunciations of every word
  • Spoken explanations of every core word

ACT®/SAT® Practice Exams

Take practice exams like you would find on the actual ACT® or SAT®. After you take an exam, reports identify your strengths and weaknesses, and SAT® Math recommends drills that you should practice.

ACT®/SAT® Math

Carefully designed SAT® Math drills provide you with 15 different areas of special focus. You can use one or more drills to practice before you take an exam.

Your Own Tutor

Each exam has a "Tutor" mode that will help you see how you are doing as you answer each question. If you turn the "Tutor" mode off, you can take the test with no guidance at all.