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Download the VerAcademy app for your smart phone! FREE with your purchase of our SAT/ACT study materials. Simply go to and click on the “mobile app” tab to download our app for either your Apple or Android device. Your username and password will be included in your SAT/ACT software package. Our app is user friendly, fun and easy to use. There’s over 100 hours of study time, with many different levels of learning, so you’ll never be bored!

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New VerAcademy App on the Apple app store and Google Play store. Enhance your vocabulary on the go with the VerAcademy mobile app. FREE with your purchase of VA software.

Features: 688 levels and 105 hrs of audio discussions
   - Answer three questions correctly earn a bronze medal, the level button turns bronze
   - Answer four questions correctly earn a silver medal, the level button turns silver
   - Answer five questions correctly earn a gold medal, the level button turns gold
   - Swipe right and left to navigate through the levels and stages
   - To hear an audio discussion of the words history and usage tap the “Word History” button

Word of the Day

ADORN (v.)

To decorate, embellish, set off, render beautiful, ornament, enrich, garnish, bedeck, emblazon, add to the attractiveness of.