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A unique feature of VerAcademy’s learning material is that its core curriculum and methodology address all sections of the ACT® and SAT® Tests. We don't use "drill-and-kill methods"; the mini-courses instead provide your student with critical thinking skills and, after all, this is the key to solving all types of problems. Because the courses focus on core concepts, their benefits are not confined to college entrance exam performance. Our students achieve better grades in high school and are better prepared for the next time they take any exam. When they matriculate to college they find academic work easier and more satisfying.

Practice makes perfect. That is why VerAcademy places a great emphasis on our practice exams. We provide authentic ACT® and SAT® practice tests in several forms. Whether your student wants to practice in a short "quiz" format, or if they need a full length exam for accurate testing simulation, VerAcademy’s testing engine can build a session that meets their criteria. This is what VerAcademy prides itself on: providing the most comprehensive selection of content on the market today. VerAcademy provides tremendous additional value through its practice tests by giving students a breakdown of exactly where their strengths and weaknesses lie. After this assessment, custom lesson plans are created to address the areas that require the most help. This process is iterative: throughout the course, your student will be prompted to take practice tests at certain milestones. Each time this provides motivation and confidence, and it generates further feedback for our learning engine to zero in on your student’s focus areas. Should any questions arise during this process, our customer service agents are also fully trained to provide support and guidance on how to get the most out of this process. All our customer service agents have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the college preparation space, and undergo extensive training to ensure than your student is in good hands.

VerAcademy’s emphasis on core knowledge, combined with lots of practice provide our students with the edge they need to get the highest scores they are capable of. But VerAcademy didn’t become a top provider of college test prep materials by simply making claims. We back our claims up with one of the strongest guarantees in the business. We offer a 200 point guarantee on the SAT® and a 4 point guarantee on the ACT®, backed by the promise of a full refund. Our competitors often only allow students to take the course again and usually charge you a fee for doing so. We are very confident in our materials, and we know your student’s time is often too precious to take the test again, so we offer a simple guarantee with no caveats.

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